How to Tell if You’re Alaskan

By Cherie Campbell

Disclaimer: Alaska is home to very diverse and distant cultures. This cultural test heavily favors the region of Southcentral Alaska, where I grew up and where the majority of the state’s population resides. However, it will tell you little if anything about other areas of the state. A person living in the Aleutian Chain would give very different answers from me and we would both in turn be very different from someone living in Barrow. It is not easy to access these areas, and I have never been to a Bush town. Despite the fact that these tests are all in fun, I feel that this is an important thing to understand.

Note: The color scheme of this page is based on the Alaskan flag.

If you’re Alaskan…

I did, I did, I did the Iditarod Trail

Everybody knows that:

Hey Hollywood, we’re over here!

Outside the Panhandle

If it’s tourist season, then why can’t we shoot them?

Space and Time